Jekyll Journal Jam

Making of DevJournal Jekyll Theme

This came to my mind few weeks back when I found a few websites which have this concept of keeping navigation bar and jumbotron of same color.

This way they both look like a single component. And as we scroll down the webpage the navbar which is set to be fixed at top gives the impression of emerging out as a separate component from jumbotron.

The font for DevJournal had to have a programmer swag for sure. From the shortlisted ones - Menlo, Monaco and Source Code Pro… All three are superb! Source Code Pro for this use case, gave me the perfect width and height to match the mood of DevJournal.

The last commit to DevJournal involved giving a box shadow to the navbar and jumbotron, and the inspiration for this was the navbar of Open Source Club of Ohio State University’s website, which is super cool! Check it out.

DevJournal is helping people get the exact mood they want for their blog or website.

Check out the project on GitHub

Bye bye! Developer’s Salut!