Happiness Rhapsody

GSoC Bonding Period Week 1

Yay! Yay! Yahooo!


Can I be anymore happier!?

I got selected to work with coala in Google Summer of Code!! We got the mail from Lasse and Google, on the night of 4th may, that was the moment of absolute awesomeness, certainly the best day of my life. Super Special Thanks to Lasse (@sils) who will be mentoring me in GSoC. We have created some super cool stuff together. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Get ready, we are ready to rock! :D Super Thanks to my captain and our org admin Maximilian and coala Team for giving me this great opportunity.

This year, coala received more than 50 applications, and to be among the chosen 10, feels totally entirely great!

Time for some community bonding now, and some scheduling as well. So, Firstly I have to make a cEP, which is coala Enhancement Proposal. It is well defined document explaining the project idea and giving an overview of its implementation. Then I will form the schedule in our GitLab GSoC repository, where we have the milestones and issues to be solved.

And its just the begining, It’s going to be real fun! Next week I’m going to post a detailed analysis of the Bonding Period activities.

That’s all folks.

BRB :)