Designing the coala Online Backend

GSoC Bonding Period Week 4

This week I finalized the UI mockups for coala-html and coala Online module. So we are going to use coalaCSS for these projects and use the components available there throughout our web projects to keep everything super maintainable and consistent. Its just awesome how coalaCSS helps to get issues resolved quick throughout all web projects, with commits in just one repository.

You can see overview of the future coala-html right here at Initially I was using a different searchbar UI, but then we discussed on how we can actually make use of coalaCSS in coala-html and make things even more consistent and easy to maintain.

This week, I planned on coala Online module, which will provide us a backend webservice to run optional and non optional bears.

Revamped Approach

This is from where I’ll start the Coding Period. More Awesomeness following up soon!

Thanks a ton to my super awesome mentors - Lasse and Fabian! Thanks a lot for your emmense support. Thank You!