Up & Running coala Online!

GSoC Coding Period I Final Week

Hello Everyone!

We’ve reached the end of PHASE I and we’ve been able to get lot of stuff done. First things first, please checkout and run coala Online now on coala.io :tada: :tada:


How was it! There are some issues with it right now, it’d be really cool if you can file them at https://github.com/coala/landing-frontend/issues, that’s the repository for all the coala Online issues.

The first phase experience was absolutely exciting,

  • During the first week we worked on modifications in coala-quickstart required to obtain a coafile with bears having non optional settings.
  • In second week, I created a docker image. This was my first experience with Docker, it was a bit challenging inititally because of low RAM on my laptop as docker ate a lot of memory. At one point, I used to type a key and it appeared like 5 second later on terminal. :joy: The other challenge was this whole concept of using containers, workers and load balancing, and I had to get the right mindset for it. Because things go wrong on production server, it a serious issue. Live users are using a piece of software and we have to be sure that we know what we are doing.
  • Finale, In this week I made the user interface for coala Online. This work is like deep sea diving, you jump in and start wandering and exploring, expect to see a regular catfish, until a beautiful nemo passes by, and you end up partying with it. Okay weird analogy.

Its like you start create something, and then a find about a weird css trick that end up making stuff awesome, that’s the fun part!

Thanks to Lasse and Fabian for being there! It’s an incredible, really incredible experience.

That’s all folks!